Brighton SEO Takeaways – September 2017

This was the first Brighton SEO I’ve been to where I didn’t hear anyone claim that “[insert industry term] is dead”. That was a win. My key takeaways from Brighton SEO (Sept ’17): It’s all about user intent (duh). Being customer centric and making sure that you’re delivering the content that answers questions and engagesContinue reading “Brighton SEO Takeaways – September 2017”

Love digital marketing but don’t knock a postal

Overall, we’re pretty happy with the engagement of our email marketing. But, when it comes to more formal communication about the ‘serious stuff’ like licence renewal, we see limited engagement via email. So, we went back to basics and sent a good old fashioned letter. We had a 28% response rate.  Surprised? Me too. People picked up theContinue reading “Love digital marketing but don’t knock a postal”

“Don’t be a smart person doing stupid things”

A while back I saw Dave Trott speak at the Jellyfish Digital Journey’s event. One of his key messages was: “don’t be a smart person doing stupid things”. Kind of obvious, but sometimes we need a reminder. According to Dave, people have 3 problems: Ignorance Technology Ineptitude You can provide all sorts of training and moreContinue reading ““Don’t be a smart person doing stupid things””