How to survive the start-up rollercoaster

18 months into my first marketing job, my manager left. So, I asked my Managing Director to give me a shot at stepping up.

He said yes.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done for my career.

It was hard work. It was stressful.

But, I learnt a so much and it accelerated my career development like rocket fuel.

If you’re in this position, or know someone who is, here’s some advice:

Get a mentor.

You need a sounding board, someone with experience who can push you, encourage you, give feedback and advice. Do NOT be an island!

I was lucky to have someone who made me read books, do a CIM course, listen to podcasts, asked the difficult questions. Oh, and got me regular sausage sandwiches.

Surround yourself by smart people.

Hire an awesome team, network with people doing your job in other businesses, and make friends with your peers in other teams.

JFGI – just f***ing google it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the answers, they’re out there (just check a few sources and remember your own context!)

Remember – most people are blagging it.

You’re not out of your depth, as long as your nose is above the water (pretty sure my Dad told me that).

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