Five rules to live by

“That’s one of my philosophies”, I jokingly say to my husband on a fairly regular basis. I’m being flippant- but actually there’s some truth behind these comments. So, I decided to stop and reflect. If I can identify what’s helped me in life so far, then perhaps these are rules to keep living by.

Late night pondering

Having had a baby earlier this year, I’ve done a lot of slightly delirious late night pondering. What am I proud of? What good decisions have I made? What makes me happy? When do I feel most fulfilled? What’s helped me achieve my goals?

I’ve certainly not come up with all the answers but the random notes on my phone started to show a pattern.

I’ve boiled these ramblings down into five rules, or philosophies, that have helped me professionally and personally.

Disclaimer – anyone who knows me could highlight plenty of times where I’ve not followed my own advice. But I hope that by writing them down, I might feel a sense of accountability to these rules.

My five philosophies

  1. Don’t ask, don’t get
  2. Be brave. Take risks
  3. Minimum input, maximum output
  4. Remember what really matters (and say NO)
  5. Perfect is the enemy of done

At some point I’ll elaborate further!

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