10 things that made this an unexpectedly positive week

remote working desk

At the end of what’s been a pretty surreal week, I’m feeling strangely positive. In tricky times true colours can shine through – and the Elucidat team’s colours are lovely. It’s been heartening to see the founders leading by example and living our values through and through. And, seeing this permeating across everyone in the company.

Here are just some of the great things that happened to make our transition to being a fully remote team (for now!) a positive experience:

  1. Surveys sent out to staff to make sure everyones needs and concerns are understood
  2. Delivery of monitors, chairs etc and finding solutions for people without desks or decent internet connections. Care has been taken to make sure we’re set up and comfortable working from home.
  3. All teams introducing morning virtual stand-ups to keep the contact going.
  4. Setting up a #Happy_home_working Slack channel to share tips to keep us happy and productive.
  5. Resources to help us to look after our own and each other’s mental health (some of us have signed up to this: https://smallworkplaces.mind.org.uk/).
  6. Updates for managers and employees about policies to ensure clarity around things like childcare and sick leave and the processes around these.
  7. An open “Ask us anything” session with the founders.
  8. The Dev team inviting everyone to access their drop-in “Watercooler” google hangout (the equivalent of popping to the kitchen and having a chat).
  9. A lovely positive video from our CEO which covered everything from wellbeing, to what these strange times might mean for us as a business.
  10. A s***t load of gratitude being shared via 15Five’s HighFive feature – we had 50+ today alone (I suspect a record day).

I think we’re in for the long haul, so it feels to be off on the right foot.

Hopefully this might offer a little inspiration. I’d love to hear what other companies are doing to support their teams right now with this change.

Take care everyone

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